Welcome! (English) Bienvenue! (French) Bienvenido! (Spanish) Willkommen! (German) Karibuni! (Swahili)  Namaste! (Hindi) Hwan-yõng-ham-ni-da! (Korean)  Kia Ora! (Maori)

Our eight language “Welcome” represents a variety of languages commonly spoken on each of the six continents. With a vision to establish a global collaborative networking website for Small Christian Communities (SCCs) worldwide, we share SCCs contact information, events, materials, and news for each of the six continents.

The Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative Website is a “work in progress”. We make changes and add material regularly. A popular feature is the SCC Polls on the question “The best part of my Small Christian Community is… ” Please vote often. Visit our Small Christian Community Facebook Page and Groups. We have Online SCCs. We have started St.Isidore of Seville International Online Skype SCC to reflect on the gospel of the following Sunday. We have an ebook on “SCCs in Africa“. We have four Ebooks.  Our Front Page has features on “What’s New” and “Calendar of Events”.

Our website continues to grow.

Visit our sister website African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories at https://afriprov.org/

We encourage you to look through the website and continue to come back often. We welcome any and all feedback, contributions, SCCs materials, etc. Please see the “Contact Us” page for contact information.

For general questions please email: moderator@smallchristiancommunities.org