Welcome to a popular section of our website — SCC POLLs — that encourages participation and interaction. We have done careful research on, and analyzed feedback from, surveys, questionnaires, workshops, courses, interviews, personal conversations, articles, books, email messages, Facebook Pages, Zoom Faith Sharing and Gospel Sharing, visits to SCCs and conferences on SCCs. We have studied carefully the contemporary signs of the times such as the Covid-19 pandemic and pastoral changes in our parishes and dioceses. We have identified 1486 important characteristics or features of SCCs around the world mainly provided by Small Christian Community (SCCs) members themselves: 747 on the dynamics/process/principles and classifications of SCCs and 739 on the activities/content/outreach of SCCs.  The poll uses the statement  — The best part of my Small Christian Community is… — followed by six choices that are taken from these 1486 important characteristics or features of SCCs. These six choices reflect both the inner life and the public life of our SCC Model of Church. We change the poll every two months. The results of the Seventy Fourth round is listed below and on the SCC Poll/SCC Poll Archives pages. We are now in the

 Seventy-Fifth Round that covers September – October, 2021. You can vote as many times as you want, but not more than once in a 24 hour period. Welcome.

First Round (April-May, 2009)

Third Round (August-September, 2009)

Firth Round (December – February, 2010)

Seventh Round (June – July, 2010)

Nineth Round (September – October, 2010)

Eleventh Round (January – February, 2011)

Thirteenth Round (May – June, 2011)

Fifteenth Round (September – October, 2011)

Seventeenth Round (January – February, 2012)

Nineteenth Round (May – June, 2012)

Twenty First Round (September – October, 2012)

Twenty Third Round (January – February, 2013)

Twenty Fifth Round (May – June, 2013)

Twenty Seventh Round (September – October, 2013)

Twenty Ninth Round (January – February, 2014)

Thirty First Round(May – June, 2014)

Thirty Third Round(September – October, 2014)

Thirty Fifth Round(January – February, 2015)

Thirty Seventh Round(May – June, 2015)

Thirty Ninth Round(September – October, 2015)

Forty First Round(January – February, 2016)
Second Round (June-July, 2009)

Fouth Round (October-9 December, 2009)

Sixth Round (March – April, 2010)

Eighth Round (July – August, 2010)

Tenth Round (November – December, 2010)

Twelfth Round (March – April, 2011)

Fourteenth Round (July – August, 2011)

Sixteenth Round (November – December, 2011)

Eighteenth Round (March – April, 2012)

Twentieth Round (July – August, 2012)

Twenty Second Round (November – December, 2012)

Twenty Fourth Round (March – April, 2013)

Twenty Sixth Round (July – August, 2013)

Twenty Eigth Round (November – December, 2013)

Thirtieth Round (March – April, 2014)

Thirty Second Round(July – August, 2014)

Thirty Fourth Round(November – December, 2014)

Thirty Sixth Round(March – April, 2015)

Thirty Eight Round(July – August, 2015)

Fortieth Round(November – December, 2015)

Forty Second Round(March – April, 2016)


Forty Third Round(May – June, 2016)

Forty Fifth Round(September – October,2016)

Forty Seventh Round(January – February,2017)

Forty Ninth Round(May – June,2017)

Fifty First Round(September – October,2017)

Fifty Third Round(January – February,2018)

Forty Fourth Round(July – August, 2016)

Forty Sixth Round(November – December,2016)

Forty Eighth Round(March – April,2017)

Fiftieth Round(July – August,2017)

Fifty Second Round(November – December,2017)

Fifty Fourth Round(March – April,2018)

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