22 to 28 October, 2015: VII AsIPA General Assembly in Bangkok, Thailand

Event: VII AsIPA General Assembly
Theme: “Small Christian Communities/Basic Ecclesial Communities Living with People of Different Faiths and Beliefs.”
Venue: Bann Phu Waan Pastoral Training Center, Bangkok, Thailand
Date: Thursday, 22 October, 2015 to Wednesday, 28 October, 2015

Organized by the AsIPA (BEC) Desk of the Office of Laity and Family of the FABC and the Thai National Team for Basic Ecclesial Communities.  We hope those who have been responsible for fostering SCCs/BECs at national or diocesan level can participate in VII AsIPA General Assembly. AsIPA General Assemblies have been a forum for AsIPA practitioners to share their experiences, useful resource materials and deepen communion among participants to further the mission for SCCs/BECs.

The theme is very timely, urgent and important in Asia and the whole world. It will contribute to enable SCCs/BECs to be open to respect, understand and learn from people of different faiths and beliefs. Furthermore, we expect it could help to find creative ways of bringing about greater peace and solidarity with people of different faiths and beliefs at the grassroots in Asia.

For further information contact AsIPA (BEC) Desk. Email: asipa.fabc@gmail.com





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