Tamilnadu Latin Bishops’ Council Anpiam – Small Christian Communities (SCCs) In Tamilnadu Report Of SCCs Activities – 2008

1. Anpiam Sunday

Anpiam Sunday was celebrated in all the parishes of Tamil Nadu on 13.01.2008. The Theme of the day and the year was, “In order to built the body of Christ”(Eph.4/12). This celebration had given the motivation for all the activities to promote Anpiams in Tamil Nadu.

2. TAMIL Nadu ANPIAm Executive Body MEETING [Secretary with 2 members from 17 Dioceses]  held on 9th February 2008 and General Body Meeting (Secretary with 7 members from 17 Dioceses) held on 8th June 2008 helped us to plan the activities to form Vicariate teams, and Zonal teams, and to have formation programmes for the Regional Team.

3. Vicariate Teams are very important to form Diocesan Team and to work in the Parishes. So, out of 99 Vicariates in 17 Dioceses we have constituted 52 Vicariate Teams. Each team consists of Representatives from all the Parishes in the respective Vicariate. We are to constitute teams in 47 Vicariates. Further, we need to co-ordinate these teams in Diocesan level and we are to give formation to all the team members.

4. ZONAL Team consists of Lay representatives and Secretaries from each Diocese under the guidance of an Adviser Bishop in the Zone. In Tamil Nadu we have 5 Zones. In the month of November we had meeting in all the Zones under the guidance of the Adviser Bishops. We have formed Zonal Teams that will facilitate sharing between the Dioceses and to organize zonal level programmes in order to deepen ANPIAM Activities. Invariably in all the Zones, they have requested to have formation programmes for Resource Persons.

5. Formation programmes for the Regional Team and diocesan teams.

Three special Regional programmes were organized for the on-going formation of Diocesan Teams and Regional Team. These were conducted by resource persons from International and National Teams. They have helped the participants for a personal renewal and evaluation of Anpiam activities along with suggestions to develop the regional activities. These programmes have helped to have a wider vision and clear focus in the Regional Team and other participants.

6. FORMATION AND Renewal of Anpiam and Animators by the Regional Team.

 297 ANPIAMS have been formed in 12 Parishes in 7 Dioceses by the Regional Team. 225 Seminarians and 144 Religious Sisters have been given Seminar and Training in ANPIAM formation. 65 Catechists, 4678 Animators from Parishes were given the Basic Introductory Workshops and Training. With this Training, they work in their own way in their ANPIAMS and Parishes in building up the Body of Christ.

7. ANPIAM – Booklets and Materials.

We have prepared two small Booklets and two sets of Cards (One set in English and One set in Tamil) to provide basic clarity about ANPIAM as New Way of being Church. The subjects dealt with in these Booklets and Cards are

  • Why Anpiam?
  • What is Anpiam?
  • How to form and sustain Anpiam?
  • Four essential marks of Anpiam
  • Laity Participation in the Pastoral Mission of Jesus.
  • New Methods of conducting Anpiam meeting
  • Pastoral Team in Anpiam.
  • St. Paul’s vision of Anpiam
  • Anpiam in Word of God
  • Anpiam in Magisterium
  • The effects and results of Anpiam.

8. Effects of the Above mentioned Activities

Through the Regional Training Programmes the Regional Team and the Diocesan Teams have learnt the methods of conducting Seminars and field works, in order to bring ANPIAM mentality in its members and to develop the ANPIAMS.

Formation of Zonal Teams and Vicariate Teams has given the opportunity for many to participate in ANPIAM Activities with clarity and right focus.

We were able to identify people who would volunteer to work for the Church. With the help of the Booklets and Materials prepared, they are able to explain the need, concept and Methods of ANPIAM. They are empowered to convince persons regarding the urgency and priority of ANPIAMS in the Pastoral Ministry

We are able to identify the areas till needing attention such as

  • Need of on-going training programmes and workshops and awareness programmes for the Pastoral Teams in Anpiams, Parishes, Vicariates, Dioceses, Zones and the Region.
  • Need of Anpiam Seminars for Priests, Religious, Catechists, Teachers, Seminarians, Evangelizers, Prayer group leaders.
  • Need of preparing quality Anpiam materials such as handouts, pamphlets, CDs, VCDs etc.
  • Need of addressing enemity, casteism, gender inequality and other discriminations and social evils in Anpiam.
  • Need of directions regarding sharing food and collection of money in Anpiams.
  • Need of Knowing alternative methods of conducting Anpiam Meetings
  • Need of forming qualitative Anpiams
  • Need of full time personnels to work for Anpiams.
  • Need of co-ordination among all the commissions and their activities in building up of the Body of Christ, the Church.

9. Plan of Action for 2009

    1. Strengthening  of Zonal teams
    2. Formation programmes, Seminars, Workshops and trainings for the Diocesan teams, Vicariate Teams, Priests, Religious, Seminarians and Animators of Anpiams.
    3. On-going formation and expansion of Regional Service Team
    4. Preparation of VCD (on Anpiam) and Hand Books.
    5. Launching a website for Tamil Nadu – Anpiam
    6. Regional level Convention for Anpiam Animators 
    7. Creation of Regional Anpiam Centre


Fr. S. Panneer Selvam
Tamilnadu – Anpiam

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