NAFSCC — North American Forum for Small Christian Communities

A New Website for NAFSCC

The North American Forum for Small Christian Communities has launched its new website.  It is both informative and attractive!  We want to make it a valuable resource for those working with SCCs in parishes and dioceses.  The website is template based which allows us to post things quickly and easily. 

The sections are

Welcome – which contains a general definition of SCCs in North American style and the added bonus of a video welcome by the NAFSCC chairperson.

About Us – which describes NAFSCC and its history as well as the Advisory Board

News and Events – where we put the latest news and what members are doing

Sample Resources – which has a free webinar

Members Only – houses a blog, webinars, resource link to dioceses, a speakers directory, and board reports.

Join NAFSCC – which has a registration form.  


We have found that a great medium to reach people is through webinars.  The term webinar is short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web.  While it has some limitations, it has the advantage of reaching people spread across our membership in the US and Canada.  

Two types of webinars that we have planned for this year are a forum for members to talk and share about what they are doing, resources they need and use and any other ideas they want to bounce around.  The second type is “how-to” trainings which will be led by practitioners working with SCCs.  These are available to members.  

Our goal is to continue to grow and we would love to post pictures of your group and short articles on what you are doing in your groups and outreach or service being done by your group or individual members.  

You can send articles and photographs to  

We invite you to look around the website and see what is helpful to you.  


The NAFSCC Board