Instructions on searching content on a PDF document that is online.

When you open a PDF document online and you need to search its content, you will need to do the following:

For all Browsers

Once you open the PDF document hold the CTRL key down and press F (CTRL+F) on your keyboard.

A "Find Box" appears on the screen. Type in the search word in the box, press the Enter key and wait for it to search.




Internet Explorer & Firefox Mozilla

Go to the menubar (mostly at the top) and click on Edit then on Find

An input field box will appear in the top right corner on Internet Explorer and in the bottom left corner on Firefox Mozilla. Input the content you want to search for (that is, type in the word or phrase) and click on Enter on your keyboard. The browser will have the first result selected. To see the next result click on Enter on your keyboard. Do the same until the end of the document.

If the instructions for Mozilla Firefox above do not work on your computer, you will have to locate and use the "Find Box" of your version of the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Google Chrome

If you are using google chrome, and you have loaded the pdf document online, click on the icon that looks like a spanner on the top right corner, then click on find. An input field will appear and in there, you can type the content you wish to search for. Google Chrome has an Auto search facility thus it will show the results as you are typing.

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