FutureChurch Teleconference on the Lobinger Model with Father Robert Duch

Wednesday, 8 November, 2017

Father Robert D. Duch

"The Lobinger Model for Parish Leadership and Ministry"


The Lobinger Model is an innovative model rooted in the particular needs and talents of local communities. It addresses the theological conundrum presented by the priest shortage by expanding the role of lay leaders and ordaining them into service. The Lobinger model was developed by Bishop Fritz Lobinger who, early on, was instrumental in developing the pastoral model of Small Christian Communities — including a particular model of Bible study with central roles for lay leadership in liturgical services, catechesis and the social gospel. He ministered in regions of South Africa where there were few priests. He recognized the enormous faith and talents of lay people in the communities under his care and sought to empower them to carry out the fullness of sacramental life in their community. This is a way forward in a church where we have fewer priests.


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