Faith Sharing on the Web

Small Communities are powerful vehicles for adult faith formation, providing opportunities for learning, prayer, mutual support, and the shared experience of Christian living in service to church and society.

Can we share faith on the Web? is a question that may seen as somewhat paradoxical. Some suggest that the Web is too impersonal and would not be an appropriate vehicle for sharing faith. Others contend that our culture has become much too individualistic because of technology. Yet, today’s social media: the Internet, cell phones and other hand-held devices, and video are rapidly becoming primary vehicles for faith-sharing and faith-formation.

NAFSCC (North American Forum for Small Christian Communities) promotes building on our experience of Small Christian Communities and encourages the use of resources, including contemporary social media and devices, to promote Scripture reflection through the perspectives of faith and life experiences, to encourage faith formation and discipleship, and to enjoy the fullness of small Christian community. You are invited to add your reflections and engage in the conversation as you are inspired and/or challenged by the Scripture reading and commentary.

Virtual Reflections: Resources that support preparation for Sunday Liturgy

Looking to Sunday™

Looking to Sunday™ provides short reflections on the Scripture readings proclaimed in the Roman Catholic Church each Sunday. You may also listen to podcasts of Sunday homilies or download the complete text. Reflections and homilies are written by Father Thomas Iwanowski.

Wednesday Morning Connection

Liturgical Publication Incorporated provides Wednesday Morning Connection as part of its homily and liturgy preparation service. Print or online subscriptions to CONNECT! include a bimonthly newsletter and preparation guides for Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

Other Web Resources:

Sister Rose’s My Movies Weblog

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, proclaims the profound relationship between media, faith, and culture on a Website which she calls "media potpourri including film, television, book and other reviews." Her articles and commentary on media, the theology and spirituality of communication, faith formation, and media literacy provide an unique perspective to consider. Sr. Rose is the director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies in Culver City, California and is the Film/TV columnist for St. Anthony Messenger Press.

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