July 26, 2020

Homily for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Views: 1,214 NOTE: The AMECEA Small Christian Communities (SCCs) Training Team based in Nairobi, Kenya) works closely with Missio, Aachen, Germany in the Network of Small […]
July 31, 2020

SCCs in the Historical Perspective of 59 Years (1961 to 2020) in the AMECEA Region

Views: 540 When we look through the window of our 1961 to 2011 50-year jubilee period in……… Read More in PDF SCCs in the Historical Perspective […]
January 15, 2021

My Personal 50 Year Journey (1970 to 2020) with Orbis Books in Africa

Views: 167 Abstract: This reflection treats the author’s personal missionary journey in Africa in the context of the 50 Year anniversary (1970 to 2020) of Orbis […]
February 15, 2021

Origin and History of the Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative Website (2004 to 2021)

Views: 138 By Joseph G. Healey, MM Turning over the “Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative Website” to the AMECEA[1] Pastoral Department in Nairobi, Kenya on 1 […]