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1. Deepening and Promoting Small Christian Communities: A Final Report and Action Plan

This “Final Report and Action Llan” has been inspired by the National Joint Convocation that took place August 9-12, 2007 in St. Paul, MN, USA and the Follow-Up Conference that took place November 27-29, 2007 at the Benedictine Center in Maplewood, MN, USA.

This 21-page document is available in PDF Format in both English and Spanish. To view the English version, click here. To view the Spanish version, click here.


2. QUEST is now available in Spanish





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Each weekly unit offers elements
to create your own SCC:

Suggestions for creating a reflective environment

Opening and closing prayer

Focus question relating everyday life to scripture

Commentary on the Sunday lectionary readings

Experience-based faith sharing questions

Ideas for individual/group response in action


Edición limitada. Ordene sus ejemplares antes del 15 de noviembre para asegurar sus copias.

  Sugerencias para crear un ambiente de reflexión

Oración inicial y final
Pregunta que ayuda a relacionar la vida diaria con la Escritura
Comentario de las lecturas del día Domingo
Preguntas que ayudan a compartir la fe basadas en experiencias
Ideas para cada integrante y para el grupo para poner en acción la reflexión


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3. Small Christian Communities Today: Capturing the New Moment

edited by Joseph Healey and Jeanne Hinton

What can churches in America and elsewhere do to renew themselves from within? They can look to examples of thriving small Christian communities within their own country and throughout the world. This inspiring book looks at what is happening now across six continents to give pastors and lay leaders of every denomination encouragement through useable SCC examples, stories, and case studies.

Take a peek into the book (opens PDF documents):
Table of Contents
Chapter 26 (“Promoting SCCs via the Internet”) and Resources and Annotated Bibliography.

For more information, or to order online, see Orbis Books.

Small Christian Communities Today: Capturing the New Moment
Edited by Joseph Healey and Jeanne Hinton.
Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2005. 240 pages. Original paperback. $20.



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