Theresa’s Old Plastic Armless Crucifix

In animating the Small Christian Communities (SCCs) in Rulenge Diocese, Tanzania we used many ways of emphasizing the importance of the practical action part of the weekly Bible Service. One Tuesday afternoon I participated in the Bible reflections at the home of Theresa, one of the most faithful Christians in Bukiriro Village. Following the local African custom she prepared a place for us to pray together outdoors. She arranged straw mats in a circle with fresh flowers in a vase in the middle. But Theresa was embarrassed to put her old plastic crucifix next to the flowers. The crucifix had no arms. It had probably been brought to Tanzania by a missionary many years before and passed around several families. I said to Theresa: “Don’t worry, Theresa. This crucifix is fine. I’m sure it has a special meaning for us.”

After one of the leaders read the Lenten Gospel there was a period of silence followed by shared reflections. Suddenly it dawned on me what that old, battered, armless crucifix was saying to our group of 15 Christians praying together. Jesus Christ was asking us to be his arms and to reach out to the poor, the needy, the sick, the suffering, the oppressed. The other Christians responded immediately to this reflection. They emphasized the importance of mutual help in the local community. One SCC member quoted one of our favorite Swahili sayings in the outstation: “Words without actions are useless.”

During the last part of the Bible service we decided to help Anna, one of our neighbors who had two sick children. We gathered firewood and fetched water for the mother while she stayed at home with her children. Like Jesus we tried to be men and women for others.


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Author Country :Tanzania
True Story
Location :Bukiriro, Tanzania
Year of Publication :/ Publication :Once Upon a Time in Africa: Stories of Wisdom and Joy (Orbis Books, 2004)
Sub Theme :Bible Reflection, Community, Crucifix, Practical Action, Service/
Author Name :Rev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M./
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