Description of SCCs Course at Tangaza University College, Nairobi from January to April, 2019

Tangaza University College School of Theology Academic Handbook 2018-2019

Description of


Organization: 3 hours a week for 9 weeks, Compulsory Course, 2 credits, pastorally oriented

Lecturers: Joseph Healey, MM and Nicholas Obiero, CP



To examine how Small Christian Communities (SCCs) are a “New Pastoral Model of Church in Africa Today” and a “New Way of Being/Becoming Church in Africa Today.” To trace the key pastoral priority of SCCs in Eastern Africa. To explore the practical, pastoral implications of SCCs in Africa today. To highlight the growing importance of Youth Small Christian Communities (YSCCs). To provide practical SCCs resources, tools and facilitation and leadership skills and methods.

Course Syllabus:

Introduction to, and Overview of, SCCs Course including SCCs Resources, Tools and    Methods.

History and Theology of SCCs in Africa especially AMECEA’s Key Pastoral Priority of Building SCCs in Eastern Africa.

Importance of Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, Brothers, Sisters and Catechists Animating SCCs in Parishes and Schools in Africa.

Facilitation Skills in SCCs.

Leadership Skills in SCCs.

The Importance of Lay Participation and Active Involvement in the SCCs.

Participation of Youth in SCCs in Africa and Forming Specific Youth Small Christian Communities (YSCCs) in Africa.

SCCs Involvement in the 2019 Kenya Lenten Campaign.

Final Summary and Integration of SCCs Course.

The course includes praying and reflecting in a Small Community and a Practicum (participating in a SCC). Three priorities are integrated throughout the course:

Different Methods of Bible Sharing/Bible Reflection/Bible–Life Connections.

SCCs Using the Internet/Social Media/Social Networking/Platforms/Applications in Africa Today.

Practical outreach and mission.

Main Bibliography

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